Hey it’s my blogging birthday. I may be the only one who publishes this cheesy cupcake photo that Tumblr sends, but I don’t care. One year ago today I started this blog and wrote a recap on an injury ravaged 5k race.

It was an experiment that kept going, I didn’t even know if Tumblr was any good. I came from using Joomla, and Alison was using Wordpress. I wanted to try something cleaner and different, so Tumblr it was!

I was also attracted to Tumblr’s low priority on comments and number of followers. Because I think that’s important when you’re starting out blogging (or at any stage really), to not worry about catering to an audience. The fact that Tumblr encourages reblogging for feedback instead, solves two things at once - it’s a comment and a relink in one. Genius.

So I’ve had this blog for a year today, and although I’ve started writing my run-related blog posts on FitFriend this year, I still like this blog as an outlet for career, technology, and programming related stuff.

I’m realising that I haven’t been blogging here much this month… I have some more stuff to blog but I’m waiting for the timing to be right. New job, the interview process, the interview bullshit, and where FitFriend is going. I’ll get to that soon :)

For now, I’ll end this post with linking to a good piece that Brad Feld wrote this week on the value of making blogging a habit. People talk a lot about blogging as a marketing outlet, or even a networking tool. But Brad sees the major value as a personal development tool. Enjoy :)


Being an injured runner is like the engineering equivalent of trying to code, only for the computer to blow up in your face!


I have no doubt that these guys would’ve been bigger if they didn’t have such boring dress sense. First person to cover this song will smash open their career!