American snobs like to trace their high-born descent from the pilgrims, or the Revolutionary War heroes. Australian snobs trace their low-born descent from the British underclass sent here for stealing underwear. That, in a nutshell, describes the essential difference between the two countries.

As an Australian I’d have to say pretty much. For every American who worships the hero, there’s an Australian who worships the anti-hero :)

Dr Garry’s Place: Tips and Advice for Americans Moving or Relocating to Australia

This is very funny.

(via caro)

(via caro)

Optimism isn’t about pretending to be happy in a bad situation. Optimism is about confronting a bad situation and turning it around!

Blogging is boring

I just can’t update on this blog right now, and if I was to be real I’d say I can’t even see the point.

This is my outlet for startup and tech related blogging. But running is taking up all of my passion for blogging.

I have a lot more experience with running (since 1996) than running a startup (since 2013…if you can even call a party of 1 a startup). Yes, this is part of the drive I have to do something running related for a living. That’s the dream.

So it’s natural that the FitFriend blog - the blog I’ve decided to be my personal outlet for all things running related - is taking up all of my blogging time and energy.

While the rest of my time is taken up with:

1) A real job from an actual employer, of which I’ve had to go back to. Luckily, I took my time and for once I haven’t found a trainwreck of a company. It’s actually a place where I can learn a shitload!

2) Running training. I’m currently on the crux on being in the form of my life. Good things happen I guess when you don’t rush so much that your body breaks down after 3 months of training (I see the value in applying this mindset to building products too).

3) Maintaining and moving forward with the FitFriend app. There is still so much more I want to do there. So much that I won’t be able to get to do this year, but I will get to a few things.

Excluding relaxation time with my wife, and any family and friends here in Toronto.

I’d love to update this blog with startup insights from the bottom, work-life balance when you’ve gone back to the grind, future insights on what’s next, and even tech tutorials (must’ve been at least a year since I’ve done one of those!).

But for now I’ve fallen out of love with blogging for anything non-running related.

Blogging on FitFriend is a fun outlet for me, and is needed. Blogging here, isn’t either one of those right now.